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Beef Burrito [20 Nov 2004|04:46pm]
I have my internet back fuckas.
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[29 Sep 2004|11:18pm]
For those of you who do not know, yet still look at this journal for some odd reason, I have no online access from my house so I cannot get online. I will get it back.. sometime but I do not know when. oh well. happy trails.
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gfh [10 Jul 2004|02:52pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Im back. people said I look gay ;o

But I have a job now.

Fuck you all n.n;

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Lola Ray - Automatic Girls [04 Jun 2004|01:39am]
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Bad day [18 May 2004|10:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Okay today has just been a shitty day for like everyone. I woke up at 9:00 to go to Boneys and apply and I had to sit there and take off my nail polish in the parking lot. so I filled out the ap and then the girl in there was flirting with me. people tell me to cut my hair or I will not get a job. then the whole day goes on with people harassing me. so I got pissed off became an asshoel to everyone pissed off people so bad and I ran away for a little bit. I walked down the main road hoping people would come get me so I made it a little bit and my legs got sore so then I went around trying to use a phone. and I used one at a taco shop. Tyler broke up with his girlfriend today and she socked him int he face lmao. also Anthony called and he is in jail with 2 broken hands it seems. I hope he is okay. Ryan is still out of it hobbling around from his moto cross accident. my carebear's leg is charred ;[ and they kept punching me. oh well. oh and Micah quit his job at the icebox ! and it looks like I am getting a job where Terra works. and I am going to go for my drivers liscence ;x anyways things should shape out alot better I hope. ah well. I ran away.. thats fucking funny. I am so pathetic. and such a drama queen... oh well we will see how stuff goes. and sorry guys if I pissed you off I am going to shape up okay? ;[

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sfghjkl [16 May 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

if anyone bothers to read this. leave a comment .. if no one read it there is no fucking point in keeping it up

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Childish Dreams. [16 May 2004|02:35am]
[ mood | cynical ]

Vampires and Fleas


I'm not now
Never was
And never will be.
Childish Dreams...

I'm not who I am
Who I seem
Or pretend to be.
Childish Dreams...

Never understood faith.
Even though I tried.
Never understood people.
And for what they thrive.
This life is just useless.
Over and over in my mind.
All I have gathered.
From people and what they show.
Crime, Selfishness, Lust , Deprevity.
Hate, Greed, Fear and "Prosperity"
I'ts all a game.
In which everything is the same.

The only time people care.
Is when it is convinient for them.
This is not a song.
Just written that way.

A spider spins its web.
As people weave their lives.
Clouded and unclear.
With peoples selfish lies.
Faith and love.
All bullshit in my eyes.

There has to be a way.
But to me it just seems.
Everything is mundane.
People are like fleas.
Suck what they want out of something.
Till there is nothing left.
Move and repeat.
Till everyone is dead.
The vampires of today.
Just another word for humanity.
The blood that is life.
The mayhem and strife.
The light is too bright.
So shelter your eyes.
Spread all your lies.
Drain from the lives.
And mate with your wives.

People have faith.
Because it is so easy.
To put all of your trust.
In a " Holy Being "
Belive there is a purpose.
without any reasoning.
Something to look foreward to..

So go out and live your life.
Spread your plague, and belief.
Utter a sigh of relief.
I hate my life and want to die.
I need a way out.
An end.
Suicide again seems a shiney key.
Jagged like life.
Yet perfectly fit.
To open the door.
To where?

If life is useless.
And death is useless.
What point is there?
I'm just living to die.

A shiney gun.
with a bullet.
To clear my mind.
All you have to do is pull it.
Relax and fall.

Life is all about money.
Who can get how much.
What you can buy.
Who you can show it off to.
Give meaning to your life.

A gun for me is too expensive.
A knife is too slow.
Pills never work.
and jumping is just for show.
If there is a God.. Please kill me.
For the fact that I can't.
I just live.
Waiting to die...

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Request # 1 = " Lost Love " [11 May 2004|01:12am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Of Fairy Tales and Lies


Everything seems so out of place.
Seems I was just another pretty face.
A picture to frame.
Cracked and disgraced.
Along the dresser of yesterday.
Scarred with the burden of being replaced.
I can still recall your taste.
Raped from me all that was chaste.
Used me and threw me to waste.
Was I just another game?
A little pawn for you to claim.
On your way to the throne.
Left stranded and alone.
Discarded and empty.

Everything that was me I gave to you.
Nothing is left now, all has been used.
Broken and shattered, now nothing to lose.
soon comes the day where I have to choose.
Empty thoughts surrounded with abuse.
So go ahead and make another excuse.

Silence is forever.


Song Requested by Heather. Any requests for a song. ask me x.x; but I dunno I suck at writing.

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Another song. sheeesh x.x; [10 May 2004|02:13am]
[ mood | drained ]

disneyland dreams of a suicide mind.


As the razor kisses my writst
Pain and remembrance come as bliss
Just another thing to do on my list
waiting in silence
wading in the cesspool of life
stating the facts
serrating my existance
all of my future determined in an instant
the children make fun of you
hold the blade steady and true
laughing and scoffing and calling weird names
trace your life along the vein
stupid children with their childish games
press deep inside, remember your aim
they laughed and they cried
all scarring your mind
tell the world I wont be back
I need a change
tell the world I wont be back
I'm not playing their games.

gone, gone, gone...

( this one is a work in progress )

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Trip ( cop out ) [10 May 2004|01:03am]
[ mood | amused ]

Well everyone went to the a7x concert... I heard it wasnt all that great from a few people, but whatever.. I guess I had a little trip of my own of sorts.. after they all got home the next day was schedualed for me to hang out with Talie because she got off being grounded.. so Talia, Kim and Ryan came over. Ryan was tripping hardcore and his pupils were tiny as hell, we were watching the beaners in the pool and I just kept laughing at all the stupid shit he seemed to be concentrating. so anyways we tried to go to the house but Mike decided he would not let anyone in so I was frustrated and I figured I would take some corecedin ( I don't know how to spell that word ) so Talia insisted that I should not take the pills but I had already swallowed 8 of em so she tooks some and mitchell took some Ryan took some more (not the usual ryan, Kim's friend Ryan) and Kim took some.and it took a while for it to kick in, but wow.. I cant really explain it but it was alll numbness... and blurry and just everything was odd.. time seemed to be going so fast but when you pay attention to something it goes by so damned slow.. I puked a few times. and Talia was watching over my back, Micah also came in and gave me water and checked if I was alright. Thanks you guys. but one time Talia walked in when I was trying to take a piss... it was funny as hell because I had forgetten how to pee for a while there.. but third times a charm >.>; anywas I went thru the night completely unaware of anything really I talked to people and then I cannot remember much.. I met some girl named ugh.. I forgot her name but she was jordans friend and she was talking to me when I was fucked up so that was pretty cool. then I went to slep and woke up still utterly fucked and stumbled around all day .. mothers day has ben a blur and I do not like those pills now. anyways.. just trial and error I suppose.

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I got drunk and wrote a song ;x hah [05 May 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Die Ignorant Scum


People are simple little toys.
Fun for all the girls and boys.
Packed full of those fleshen joys.
Sex is exstacy overused.
Beaten battered and bruised.
But the joy is simply abused.
Good for nothing, cock sucking.
Son of a mother fucking.
Bitch ass I'm cumming.
Slap her in the neck.
Toss her on her back.
Oh, hello. My name is Jack.
So how is your life?
What type of music do you listen do?
Oh thats cool, what else can ya do?

Wake up, interract, repeat.
Another little boy out on his feet.
Make so many kids you can't keep track.
As long as that bitch lays down on her back.
Doesn't matter if you can support.
The only thing ya gotta do is make more.
If you don't want, you can always abort.

" Sex is evil.
Evil is sin.
Sin is forgiven.
So let's beging"

Everyones out to just bust a nut.

Fuck people.
Fuck this song.
Kill yourselves.
Do it bitch.
I hate you.

~ Timmei

Okay I got drunk. and I was bored. needed something to do.. so there it is.. lmao

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another song [05 May 2004|04:51am]
[ mood | blah ]



Just give me one more.
One little pill.
One to fufill.
The emptyness inside of me

Visions inside.
Feelings prescribed.
My self will die.
Take as many as necissary.

You tell me how I should feel.
But alone in the dark things haunt me still.
Why don't you prescribe me another pill?
Help me forget everything that's real.

Am I artificial enough for you?
What else should I do?
To make me more like you.

But society is not the place for me.
I sit alone and I pry.
At the corners of my life.

Suicide seems the only key.

© Timmei, 2004 --- Fiend Records.

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Faique [03 May 2004|01:13am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

A song by yours truely for our band entitled Faique

-- Intro --

Live your life accordingly.
Don't question our authority.
We have the seniority.
To conjure up another story.
For the weak of heart, the faint of will.
So thump your books, but listen still.
Sit thru church and hear God's will.
Buy a cross and raise it high.
Live up to the manufactured lie.
Of pain and death, belief and fate.
It's all that shit I fucking hate.
Hold your crutch and hold it tight.
Look directly to the light.
What if what I say is right?
Justify yourself to him.
As the world wavers, turns and spins.
Don't worry you wont go to hell.
Just live the lie and do it well.
Have a rule book they are on sale.
Thump it, hump it, hold it tight.
Read it over every night.
Lie to yourself, lie to me.
Force everyone in the world to belive

-- chorus --

Don't worry my children you have your faith.
So grit your teeth and grin your face.
Pray and repent for your mistakes.
Hold your ankles and stand in place

-- Outro --

What is good and what is right.
You may pass away tonight.
So pucker up and kiss his ass.
Learn to love the taste real fast.
If you dont you go to hell.
Be prepared to be cooked well.
A pit of fire, screaming and pain.
All for taking his name in vain.
Preacher man go grab your grease.
Choir boy get on your knees.
Priests or Rapists with biblical degrees?
The house of God, the house of Fraud.
A guide for life to the beyond.
The price is only $9.95.
Fuck it, let ignorance be your guide.

© Timmei, 2004 --- Love songs by Timmei ;o

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Survey [02 May 2004|01:42am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I did a fucking survey I got from Heather's journal. first one ever... enjoy.. or not.

Fuck you! ;oCollapse )

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Muscle [29 Apr 2004|11:32pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

Tyler is my muscle

See. Told ya so. Fuck wit me, get Tyler on yo ass! ;o

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Pictures [28 Apr 2004|04:17pm]
Well lets see Ashleigh and I took pictures together today here is one of them go to http://miyavi.textamerica.com to see more ;o I look so fat in them v.v;
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Burrito festivito salsa fresce rancharito [25 Apr 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | scared ]

My burrito is on top of Tim Goodermans ( God ) burrito and we are about to dip them and swallow them and have a gay old time. Rock on!

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2 hrs / 4 2-litres [23 Apr 2004|10:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]

2 hrs for 4 2 litres of grape soda, mitchell needs to drink them all in the alloted time, without any of it coming up, spilling or anything he consumes it all in 2 hrs and gets $150.00 if he fails he pays for the soda. can he do it? -will update when it is finished. ----- Edit ----- Okay .. he failed ;o We have tons of grape soda on mitchell ;o

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Remember when... [23 Apr 2004|03:38am]
[ mood | awake ]

New layout.. decided it was time for a pretty much complete change. to make myself not so much like the utt Layout as well as Tyler's .. So here it is. Hope you like it. And if not, oh well.

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band setup [18 Apr 2004|05:48pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Okay the band setup as of now is as follow

Ryan : Vocals
Timmei : Vocals
Micah : Rythm Guitar
Tim God : Lead Guitar
Mike : Bass
Tyler : Drums

Thats the band ;] now all we need to do is practice hardcore and stop wasting fucking time. Time is the only thing we can never get back.. so we need to get motivated

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